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There is no doubt that to stop smoking is not quite simple and it doesn't happen in one instant.

Natural drugs or natural products are always the best to use when you want to quit, they have no side effects.

Stop Smoking

Remember: Even natural products or any other treatment in the world can not help you stop smoking if you are not going to try hard. Forget the "last cigarette" or it will never be the last one.

Natural Products

We selected the best natural stop smoking pills from our partner AstroNutrition to help you to stop smoking. Delivery cost is £3.50, and it takes 6-15 work days. All credit cards are accepted.

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Natural Stop Smoking Treatments


StopSmoking 100 - Rimedio per smettere di fumare

Stop Smoking 100

Stop Smoking 100 is a natural product that makes the body to believe that he is ingesting nicotine, but in the reality you are not, therefore this is a natural product 100% and without any product that can be dangerous for your health. This product is made with natural and organic plants. Its effects were already tested .

Plantain (organic certificated) 500mg
Lobellia Leaf and in dust (organic certificated) 50mg
Alfalfa leaf and in dust (organic certificated) 100mg

Price: € 32,50 - £ 21,74

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Resolve - Stop Smoking

Resolve is a natural method to stop smoking or to reduce amount of cigarettes smoked. Resolve is a treatment that allow you to continue smoking during the treatment. You will lose the will for smoking slowly. Ingredient that allows this action calls Cestemenol-350™, and has the function to diminish effect of nicotine addiction.

Xylitol, celulosa, goma de acácia, gosto de Hortelã, magnesio stearate, stearic acid, cetylpyridinium chloride monohydrate, Splenda brand sucralose.
Ingredient: Cesetemenol-350 350 mg

Price: € 28,00 - £ 18,74

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Nicotinex - Stop Smoking

Nicotinex is a homeopatic medicine to stop smoking. It does not have side effects. You start to feel it works in 6 days. Made by natural products.

Price: € 29,10 - £ 19,49

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