Ginseng - What is it?

Ginseng is a root found in Asia and America, it has received an ample spreading in whole world. Used originally as stimulant and for healing of diabetes symptoms, a natural product, gives immediate energy either for body and mind. You can find Ginseng in lots of energy drinks.


Ginseng is used in many ways: Before practice sports, during work, in studies, in daily life. Start to use Ginseng and feel the difference.

Products - Ginseng

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Buy Pills and Drops- Red and white Ginseng


Ginseng Bianco Koreano

White Koren Ginseng

White Korean Ginseng in Tablets.

Contain: pure Koren Ginseng (quality premium - EAVEN grade)

500 mg

Price: € 13,50 - £ 9,09

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Ginseng Rosso in Gocce

Red Korean Ginseng Liquid

Red Ginseng is great for increase mind and body performance.

It minimizes stress effect. Increases energy levels, keeps functional levels of the body in maximum.

Each Bottle Contain:
Red Korean Ginseng Root , 40% of alcohol (USP), watter.

Price: € 10,30 - £ 6,99

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